Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ribbon Barrettes

It does not have to be a special occasion for your little girl to add a beautiful touch to her outfit. We are strong believers that it is important for young children to have fun getting dressed. Our new ribbon barrettes offer a pretty way to pull back your hair this winter.

The pair shown above are fabric #BA-101. Following are a few of the fabrics the barrettes are also available in. Please inquire for more options.







Thursday, November 5, 2009

Return to Center

What an interesting week! With fewer daylight hours, an afternoon of snow (oh yes Virginia, there is snow in New England) and a distinct crispness in the air to match the grey skies, we've found a few moments to gather with friends, share a few laughs and just enjoy each other's company. In the "craziness" of the past few days, we've found these moments of serenity make us more grateful for our lives than all the money in the world. To understand the joy of each day try this - listen to the crunch of leaves under your feet, breathe in and exhale - see your breath?, run your finger along a frosted surface, share a meal you made at home, knit brightly colored socks, and smell the smoke rising from your or your neighbor's chimney.

The positive side of what happened to the economy last fall (and through 2009) is we all had an opportunity to assess our lives. The happiest stories we've heard have been about people who were laid off, and with a family to support had not thought about taking a chance to do something they'd maybe always dreamed of. Now they were being given a chance. That's right, a chance ... like the man we know who was let go from a communications firm when they downsized and he went to work at a bakery. He loves it and while he is not making as much, he is rich with life. A woman we know lost her job event planning and has been walking dogs. Last time we saw her during one of our morning walks, her biggest concern - how to manage her time with so many clients.

So rather than shopping at malls or online sites for name brands, people are looking to craftsmen. The words craftsman and artist are part of our vocabulary now. At Children's Couture we are fortunate our clients (really our extended family), who have ordered from us since we opened shop, are knowledgeable about our distinctive edge as well as the attention to detail and quality we put into each and every piece. In addition, they know they are getting a "story" behind their purchase, one that will last as long as the piece ... which is for generations to come. Their children even notice, and like, the difference!

In addition, Mary-Alice listens to all who buy from Children's Couture. Some of the ideas for the items we sell come from customer requests, like our cool new hair ribbon barrettes. Have you ever heard of a department store creating an item just for you? Granted, those places serve their purpose but when gifting an item to a loved one, is there anything better than the experience conveyed by an apparel piece or collectible Mary-Alice has crafted in her studio/showroom full of color, fabric, and inspiration?
Garden Party Purse/Two-Tone with Hair Ribbon Barrettes

For those of you who are not near enough to visit the showroom in person (Thursday thru Sunday, 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.), visit the Children's Couture website. It is easy to use, a few clicks of the mouse is all you need to browse the Apparel and Accessory pages to see all of our styles. Then a quick click on an individual image will bring you to the details for that piece; sizing, price and fabric suggestions. For the more adventurous types, explore the Fabrics page and use your imagination to combine any of the premium fabrics with the apparel/accessory style of your choice.

Customer service is a top priority at Children's Couture so never hesitate to ask a question, make a comment, or if you need guidance with your order, Mary-Alice is available to help. Enjoy!

Cozy Cord Handbag with Cheshire Hat

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Precious Little Things

This morning's walk was a treat for us and a chance to take advantage of the fewer daylight hours. Our walk was fun, full of love and laughter. We get so busy, so sometimes a morning walk is the perfect rebuttal. A precious little thing we can savor.

With November here (did you remember to set your clock back!??) our season is about to get really busy. With neighbors beginning to hang holiday flags, turkey orders being placed (or at least thought about), and Thanksgiving recipes abound in our favorite magazines it is time to break out the holiday lists. We are and so are our friends and customers. Who to get what for, sizes, favorite colors, and so forth and so on. Every year we get busier, but we love it. Mary-Alice is happiest while meticulously stitching and sewing, designing and brainstorming the next pairing in her design studio.

Lately she has been working on precious little things which seem to make not only her but her clients giddy. Children Couture's miniature hats have certainly been garnering a lot of attention lately. Originally Mary-Alice designed them as holiday ornaments, but we are told by customers they are used as well for dressing up a doll and attaching to a package. A wonderful surprise! An added bonus, the ornaments can be made in any fabric selection to go with one's home decor, express a personal style, or to coordinate with a holiday decorating theme.

Please come visit us. Mary-Alice would love to see you!! Showroom hours have been extended to include Sundays!! To accommodate clients during the busy holiday season, the Children's Couture Showroom hours are Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. or by appointment to fit your schedule.

Watch a master craftsman at work, purchase gifts for your girls and holiday ornaments for your home decor, then explore the beautiful Lakes Region of New Hamphsire.

Children's Couture is located at 445 Province Road, Route 107 in Belmont, NH. Showroom and Design Studio phone is 603-524-8801.

We look forward to seeing you!!!