Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday, Monday . . .

The fun and games from last week are now over (sigh!) ... and it's time to get back to work (double sigh?). Customer orders, new inventory and fabrics, marketing and advertising, as well as a couple of personal 'must-dos' are on my schedule for this week. 
What's on your agenda?

Enjoy your week ...

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween . . .

No tricks, just treats; a fabric sale just for you!

3 days only!
October 31 - November 4th
Thursday & Friday 10am-5pm
Saturday 10am - 4pm

Shop the Showroom: 445 Province Rd, Rt 107, Belmont, NH
Shop the Website and call or email for pricing and order info ... 603-524-8801 or

Enjoy the day ... 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

In the Spirit of the Season . . .

SUPERSTITIONS: Remember ... They’re only weird if they don’t work!

Hmm ... I've heard there’s a baseball game tonight ... just a few miles down the road and sporting a lot of hairy men.  

And it looks like the infamous Make Way for Ducklingsstatue in the Boston Public Garden is in the spirit of it all and totally decked out for the World Series!

Are you superstitious?  Care to share?

May the best players win ... though, we are 'secretly' cheering for Boston!

Enjoy ...

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Gift of an Experience . . .

After a business meeting yesterday morning, Tom and I took a few hours in the afternoon to ‘play tourist’ ... and boarded a seaplane to take an aerial tour of Lake Winnipesaukee. Yes, I am deathly afraid of heights, not to mention I haven’t been in a plane in over 20 years. But this was an invitation for an adventure I just couldn’t refuse. And now, I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

So if you are looking for a way to impress your out-of-town guests, or just want to try something new, I highly recommend Lakes Region Seaplane Services out of Laconia, NH.

The pilot, David C. French, and his wife Colleen, will welcome you as friends and provide an experience you will want to ‘write home about’. Five starts indeed!!!

Funny, in our day-to-day routine, we never seem to stop and enjoy the beauty that is all around us. I realized I don’t ... until viewed from above yesterday afternoon. Absolutely amazing!

And once back at the dock, Colleen took a picture for us.  And as you can see, I am standing ... and SMILING!

Truth be told, this was a birthday present.  I am not crazy about my age, but I do like my birthdays.  I never know what 'experience' the day will bring.  And that's what it's all about ... sharing an experience and creating a memory that will stay with me for my lifetime.  Fabulous!
Enjoy ...

(PS. I found a cute little video on youtube for Lakes Region Seaplane Services, by Brian Neidhardt. Check it out for yourself. But please note, the ride is ‘smooth as silk’, though this camera view does seem to have a ‘few’ shakes)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Sum, Sum, Summertime! . . .

Today is the first day of summer ... and you need a HAT!
There's no reason to keep wearing that 'ugly' hat ... especially since we make all of our hats in sizes for adults too!
Garden Party Hats!, Shaped Brim Hats! and the Cheshire Hat!
"CC" Caps
You want 'em, we've got 'em!  In all shapes and sizes ...
Garden Party Hat!
Cheshire Hat! with the Bistro Bag
Bistro Hat!
But if you are like me, just not a hat person, we still have a hat for you ... in miniature ...

So ... start this summer season with something pretty and new, then get outside and soak up the sun!

Enjoy ...

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Happy Anniversary . . .

I woke up this morning to find this picture in my inbox.  I love it when customers send photos my way!

Carol is celebrating her 50th wedding anniversary this weekend and they are having a BIG celebration, with her two granddaughters as her ‘new’ bridesmaids.  Last December she called and ordered two ‘Two Scoops Sundresses’ for this occasion, and I am thrilled to see how nice they look on the girls.  Carol doesn’t look bad either. 
Happy Anniversary and congratulations on 50 years!

Enjoy the party!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Driving Miss Daisies . . .

With the elimination of one major distraction this summer, I could actually take a day off this week. What a luxury!  But then, ‘day off’ really isn't the correct term; it’s more like an exchange of my work with fabric and thread to my work with the soil and bedding plants. Oh boy!

The numerous gardens beds on our property are waiting to be planted with annuals, have their perennials trimmed and groomed, and every one of them mulched (we buy mulch by the yard; aka dump trucks loads).

So, it’s that time of year, to get down and dirty (literally)! So on a glorious day of sunshine, warm temps, blue sky, and a few white puffy clouds thrown in for good measure, I managed to get the Showroom bed decked out, along with a few of the containers waiting to be filled with color . . .

As I started my work, I realized that my color scheme for the Showroom bed seemed a ‘bit odd’ this year. Where are my CORALS ... and REDS ... and PURPLES ... and bright YELLOWS?

‘What was I thinking’ when I selected these plants? This color combination seemed too 'sugary sweet' for my taste, with the purples, creamy yellows, lavenders, and pinks. But I had the plants so there was no turning back now, and it was up to me to make the most of it.

Luckily, with the addition of a lime-cream variegated sage and the the Gold Thread Cyprus as a backdrop, the 'sugar was cut' ... and I think ... I like the final results!?

Reality check ... I should not get ahead of myself and call this ‘final’; there’s that mulch to put down, lots and lots of mulch.  But that can be work for another day, along with more planting, watering, pruning, planting, watering, trimming, moving perennials, watering, planting shrubs, watering ... you get the idea!

And now, onto a name (huh?)
In order to identify where you are on this property ... let’s say, when I'm talking to my husband about what I want him to do and where I want him to do it (gardening related help, of course) ... I’ve come to name the garden beds. Crazy? Perhaps. But it works, and for some reason it’s the one thing he seems to be able to remember.

With 5 kinds of daisies in this one area, I may just call this bed ... “Driving Miss Daisies”!

Enjoy ... and may your gardens grow!

This post is written with my friend, Ellen, in mind. She was my college dorm mate, who informed all of us one day, "It’s soil, NOT dirt!" I think we must have been teasing her about her horticulture studies, and this petite woman finally had enough already!!! Back then, I hadn't a clue about gardening, let along soil vs. dirt, but since moving to NH and developing our properties, I think of her, and that moment, every spring. Thanks for the memories Ellen!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Happy Memorial Day Weekend . . .

Wishing you a happy Memorial Day Weekend! 
From Children's Couture and MadCouture Fabrics

And remembering those who have died and all Veterans this Memorial Day...
Enjoy your holiday ...

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Lovely Day . . .

Today is Easter Sunday ... a day that provides a 'sigh of relief' for me and signifies that Spring is on the way (among a few other things). 

I grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland, just 2 miles from Washington, D.C.  Though this area is never quite thought of as The South, it certainly is compared to where I live now ... in New England. 

Growing up, Easter always meant the traditional Easter basket filled with goodies ... AND church.  Mixed in with all this were the pretty new dresses,
fancy new shoes, hats tied with ribbons, blossoming trees and tulips galore.  I can still picture Constitution Avenue in downtown Washington ablaze in the glorious colors provided by millions of tulips planted along the avenue.
Here in New England, not so much!

I have done my fair share of Easter orders this year, but it's not quite the same to mix a pretty new dress with snow boots, a fleece cap and a parka, or at the least, layers of sweaters. 

In addition, Easter is so early this year ... in March of all months!  Many areas, including my backyard, still have snow on the ground.  And where the white stuff has melted, the ground is soft, squishy and dark, fondly known around here as "mud season".  And that's no joke ... mud it is! 

Several years ago, my husband and I decided to "get outta Dodge" on Easter Sunday and head ... no, not for the hills but for the ocean.  The incredible ocean, a wonder of nature that heals all that is wrong with the world. 

  One of our favorite beaches is in Ogunquit, Maine ... a perfect place for a much needed day of rest and relaxation, even when it's too chilly to be on the beach.

This has become a tradition and today was that much needed day ... and a lovely day indeed!

The days are so busy.  And the days become the weeks that are so busy.  And that blends into months that are so busy.  Before I know it, an entire year has passed.  These opportunities to get in the car and just go are really priceless.  My husband and I have some of our best conversations in the car.  We discuss topics of importance and alot of what is not.  It really doesn't matter.  This time is to reconnect and enjoy each other's company; something often overlooked in the day-to-day. 

So as we meandered our way along the Maine coast, stopping here and there at various points of interest, it was a lovely day indeed!

Enjoy ...

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Fever . . .

Welcome to Spring ... my favorite day of the year!

Shimmer and Shine Ensemble with our Garden Party Hat

Enjoy this day ... I know I will
Photo Credit: The Fabulous Robert Diamante