Sunday, March 31, 2013

Lovely Day . . .

Today is Easter Sunday ... a day that provides a 'sigh of relief' for me and signifies that Spring is on the way (among a few other things). 

I grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland, just 2 miles from Washington, D.C.  Though this area is never quite thought of as The South, it certainly is compared to where I live now ... in New England. 

Growing up, Easter always meant the traditional Easter basket filled with goodies ... AND church.  Mixed in with all this were the pretty new dresses,
fancy new shoes, hats tied with ribbons, blossoming trees and tulips galore.  I can still picture Constitution Avenue in downtown Washington ablaze in the glorious colors provided by millions of tulips planted along the avenue.
Here in New England, not so much!

I have done my fair share of Easter orders this year, but it's not quite the same to mix a pretty new dress with snow boots, a fleece cap and a parka, or at the least, layers of sweaters. 

In addition, Easter is so early this year ... in March of all months!  Many areas, including my backyard, still have snow on the ground.  And where the white stuff has melted, the ground is soft, squishy and dark, fondly known around here as "mud season".  And that's no joke ... mud it is! 

Several years ago, my husband and I decided to "get outta Dodge" on Easter Sunday and head ... no, not for the hills but for the ocean.  The incredible ocean, a wonder of nature that heals all that is wrong with the world. 

  One of our favorite beaches is in Ogunquit, Maine ... a perfect place for a much needed day of rest and relaxation, even when it's too chilly to be on the beach.

This has become a tradition and today was that much needed day ... and a lovely day indeed!

The days are so busy.  And the days become the weeks that are so busy.  And that blends into months that are so busy.  Before I know it, an entire year has passed.  These opportunities to get in the car and just go are really priceless.  My husband and I have some of our best conversations in the car.  We discuss topics of importance and alot of what is not.  It really doesn't matter.  This time is to reconnect and enjoy each other's company; something often overlooked in the day-to-day. 

So as we meandered our way along the Maine coast, stopping here and there at various points of interest, it was a lovely day indeed!

Enjoy ...

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