Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Magical Mystery Tour

I love to extend birthdays ... anniversaries ... and especially holidays!  Any holiday will do ... and as we are now in the "season of lights" there is one event that is a must-see for anyone in the Washington, D.C. area; Brookside Gardens - Winter Garden Walk continues through January 9th, 2011.  Located in Wheaton, Maryland, you can take an evening stroll along their winter garden paths and enjoy the four seasons illuminated by hundreds of thousands of twinkling colored lights closely wrapped through the trees and shrubs, the beautifully lit gazebos and cascading fountains ... 

Intricately woven displays of flowers and animals, including one giant dragon and an 11 foot giraffe covered with 9,000 lights ...

Rain showers and rainbows, snowflakes ... and more!

Now, I'm not one for "hokey" light displays and this one certainly is not, nor is there an inflatable in sight!  So pack your car/van with friends, family and children (admission is per vehicle) and head on over to this Magical, Mystery Tour for a spectacular evening of delight!

Happy Holidays ...

For more information on specific dates and times for the Winter Garden Walk,
visit Brookside Garden-Garden of Lights

Monday, December 20, 2010

Moonlight in Vermont ...

Well ... actually I am in New Hampshire but it doesn't matter tonight or early Tuesday morning for that matter. Beginning at approximately 12:30 a.m. ET, we will experience a total eclipse of the moon, also called the Christmas lunar eclipse.  This will be the first lunar eclipse to occur on the first day of the Winter Solstice in 372 years.  Who knew!
The best viewing time period is around 3 a.m. so set your alarm, get out of bed and look toward the sky ... amazing!

Enjoy ...

Friday, December 10, 2010

City Sidewalks ...

'Tis the season for magic ... if you believe!  No, not the kind of magic created with rabbits in a hat or scarves pulled from a sleeve.  Instead, this seasonal magic engages the mind and touches the soul, and comes to us in ways that are truly our own.

I miss the city at this time of year, specifically the glorious holiday windows found at many of the stores, large and small.  Designing and creating these worlds of wonder is definitely an art and bestow a spot of magic during the Christmas season.  I discovered this magic when I was six, at the corner of 10th and G Street in Washington, D.C.  Here stood one of this city's landmarks known as Woodward & Lothrop, a department store affectionately known as Woodies.

Yes, a department store ... that encompassed an entire city block, rose nine stories high and literally provided windows of fantasy and delight during the Christmas season for young and old alike.  I was mesmerized, enchanted and never tired of our tradtional "Woodies-holiday-windows-walk-around-the-block" each and every year.  The inside wasn't "too shabby" either, where we'd retreat for a warm something to drink and sweet treat in their amazing Tea Room.

Sadly, Woodies closed in 1995 but if you are lucky enough to be in the city, grab your coat, the hand of a child (any age will do) and take a stroll through your shopping district to enjoy this holiday magic ... for me!

Happy Holidays ...